Modi follows Neharuian doctrine for Nepal

Modi follows Neharuian doctrine for Nepal


Lakshman pant

Kathmandu. Signals of change in the Indian foreign policy established during the first Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Neharu for Nepal under leadership of Minister Narendra Modi have not been appeared as many predicted.

Prime Minister Modi regained the chair with more power than his first ceremony held in 2014.

Neharu made Nepal India's kitchen garden and it never appreciates any shift of Nepal from its axis settled then.

Modi will follow the Neharuian doctrine for Nepal. Modi led Bhartiya Janata Party has gathered 303 seats of Parliament out 543 seats. Again the party holds the largest share of parliament. This is weightier than 2014.

Before the election all opinion polls have said that Modi will be weaker than 2014 but the final results shocked.

There are three main causes of victory: religious activities of Rastriya Swyamsevak Sangh(RSS) mentor organization of BJP, failure of adopting contemporary issues by leftist party and strengthening organization, victorious dose of opium of religion given to Hindus of India.

Though finally the dose will harm the country but now they took it. These are the bases of historical victory of Modi. Statements delivered by Modi, party president Amit Sah and closest ally of Modi and Sah , Yogi Adityanath prove this. They got success in poisoning Hindu against Muslims of India. The terror against Muslims and Dalists was seen during Modi's first period of federal rule. Secular forces were defamed. For this Modi was made brand. The very brand was sold among more than 80% Hindus of India. This helped Modi's BJP gathering 303 seats out of 543 in parliament.

Modi started attacking Pakistan accusing Pulwama attack and his party workers followed him without knowing whether Pakistan was behind the attack or not. Attacking Pakistan was Modi's target hitting arrow. The very arrow helped Modi garnering victory. Act of pushing Pakistan out from SAARC will harm the region's prosperity.

Modi and Shah's formula of so-called internal security threat created by Kashimir separatist , Maoist and militants Muslim organization was another target hitting arrow.

Works of Ram, Nationality and Threat on Internal Security were the victory gaining strategies for Modi-Shah.

The 17th Indian Parliamentary election has thrown leftist to dust. Indian was the first country where communist government was emerged first by election. Kerala was the first communist government in India. Leftist got success forming government in West Bengal, Tripura and Kerala. But all of them gone to dust by the so-called internal threat propagated by BJP and RSS.

The lesson for leftists of Nepal is grave. The fall of Indian communist is obvious lesson for communists of Nepal. Party must work for addressing the issues of people rather than delivery of theoretical and ideological preaching.


The victory of Modi doesn't make any difference in Indian doctrine for Nepal. Victory of communist in Nepal failed influencing in neighboring India states similarly the victory of Modi won't influence its foreign policy toward Nepal. Neither, the victory of Modi will create wave of Hindus in Nepal nor it will change the India foreign policy for Nepal. 

Nepal should follow the policy for its national interest keeping friendly and good neighboring relations with India. Nepal has no alternative for its national interest.